Green Coffee

As the largest coffee producer in Colombia, selling green coffee has always been an integral part of our business. Our primary clients are looking to purchase containers of coffee at a time, to be shipped to anywhere in the world.

The value we provide
We offer the consistency of coffee estates with the quality and traceability of a small farmer.

Quality (at scale)
The standard coffees coming off of our farms score an 83 on average, meaning we can sell millions of pounds at specialty-grade specifications.

Consistency (at scale)
With the top agronomists, mill operators, and quality control experts in Colombia on our team, we are meticulous at every stage of production and processing, ensuring we can create coffees that match your exact quality specifications.

Traceability (at scale)
Whether it is coffee from our farms or the cherries from the local farmers around us, we can provide you with traceable, certified coffees with a great story so you can feel confident that your purchase supports lifting up everyone in the Colombian coffee sector.

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